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Frequently Asked Questions


Who will own my domain? You will be the owner of your domain. We will register our contact details on your domain so we can deal with all correspondence and notifications relating to the management of your domain. If you would prefer your details on the public whois information just let us know at any time.

My domain is already registered with another company can I transfer it to Pryanet?Yes. We will manage the transfer process all we require from you is authorisation to work with your current host and we will do the rest.

The domain I want is already registered by someone else what can I do?It may still be possible to purchase the domain from the current owner. Our advisers can manage this process and if a purchase is possible ensure a fair price.

What can I do if my current host is refusing to release my domain? Unfortunately sometimes the relationship between some hosts and their clients can breakdown this can lead to arguments over transferring the domain. In these cases our domain dispute experts can deal directly with your host and the domain registry to transfer the domain. If you transfer your domain to Pryanet you get peace of mind of our domain transfer guarantee that we will allow you to transfer your domain out at anytime

Is my domain mine forever? Yes as long you pay the renewal fees each year your domain will remain under your control.

Should I use a hyphen/dash in my domain name? There is no right or wrong answer for this question it is a case personal preference. We normally recommend if purchasing a hyphenated domain to also purchase the none hypenated version as well. Hyphens can be useful for making your domain name more readable especially if the second word of your domain starts with an 's' which could pluralise the preceding word. If readability is not an issue it is normally advised to avoid the use of hyphens.

Can I remove my contact details from the public whois information? We can use our contact details on your domain. Alternatively we can provide anonymous contact details that will forward all correspondence to you without making your details public.


My site was built using a content management system can it be transferred to Pryanet? In most cases yes we can transfer content management systems to our network. If your current cms is for some reason incompatible with our systems we will try to advise on a suitable alternative.

My computer uses Windows but your site says you use Linux does this mean I can not host my site with you? Websites are operating system independent so it does not matter if you use a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. We use Linux servers as they provide the best speed, security and reliability.

Can I resell your hosting to my clients? We do not currently offer a reseller service on our hosting.

If I transfer my site to Pryanet will their be any downtime and will I loose my emails? With any transfer there is the possibility of downtime. However as our engineers manage every step of the transfer we can keeps this to an absolute minimum. As part of the transfer we can copy all your emails from your old host to our servers at the point of transfer. In most cases the disruption can be kept to a matter of minutes and can be arranged for a time where traffic on your site is at a minimum.

My site is broken/hacked and my current host is refusing to help saying it is my code. If I transfer it to you can you fix it? Yes in most cases if your site is transferred to us we will be able to identify the causes of errors and attack vectors. Allowing us to ensure the reliability and security of your site on our servers.

What happens if my site suddenly becomes extremeley popular? Sites can have sudden short term increases in traffic, these are normally caused by media attention. Our network is highly scalable and can adapt quickly to sudden increases in traffic. With prior warning of media attention such as a tv appearance we can put extra safeguards in place to ensure your site stays online.

How many sites will share the same server as mine? We decide how many sites to put on each of our servers on a per server basis. The number of sites depends on the size and traffic levels of the sites already on the server. We aim to keep this number to an absolute minimum. Some hosts offer cheap mass market unmanaged hosting try to get as many sites on a server as possible. This can mean several thousand sites sharing a server making the chances of slow sites and downtime much higher. If you want complete isolation for your site we can provide dedicated servers.

What backup and disaster recovery systems do you have? We take regular backups of all sites for restoration in the event of catastrophe. We have robust restoration plans in place for handling hardware failures to ensure any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Do you provide a cms(content management system) so I can edit the content of the site myself? Yes. We have our own cms system built by our in-house developers. Our system is highly adaptable and as it was built by us we can add new features to suit the requirements of your site.