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Managed servers

We offer a wide range of managed server solutions customised to the needs of the business.

Our servers start at a single VPS and can scale up to load balanced high availability clusters and private clouds. Our expert advisers assess the needs of the business to determine the right level for the required task. All our solutions are scalable and can be easily upgraded to meet any business expansion. We offer tailored management packages to match the requirements of each application.

A private server can provide the extra reliability, security and stability for business applications. However the costs in time and staff for managing servers can be prohibitive to most businesses. Our managed server solutions allow for a company to leverage the advantages of a server with significantly lower expense compared to in-house management.

For more information on our dedicated and virtual servers please see our dedicated servers and virtual servers pages.

More information

All our servers are covered by our SLA. For details view our service level agreement page.

All servers are high specification hardware housed in a state of the art data centre. Details of our technology and data centre can be found in our technology page.